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What are the three types of planter seating?

There are 3 Integrated Seating Designs. These are: inset, floating and then a variation on both, which we refer to as cantilever. Each variation has different features and aesthetics but we will explain…


Inset Integrated Seating

Inset seating is cut, or recessed, into the top level of planter edging or wall so that the top of the seating profiles are flush with the top and front edge. Thanks to its versatility and clean, uncluttered appearance it is the most popular variation of integrated seating. In addition to this, where the planter edge rises above typical seating height, the seating module remains the same and the raised edge forms a 3-sided cocoon around the seat unit. This can be as a bench or a seat.

Inset Seating Points to Consider:

• Suitable for mid-height and high level planter edging or walls
• Helps to keep the planter edge neat and uncluttered
• Slightly more expensive than floating and cantilever integrated seating.

Floating integrated seating

Floating integrated seating sits on top of the planter edging or wall, so protrudes above the top level by the thickness of the timber profiles, but flush with the front.

• Suitable for mid-height planter edging or walls
• More cost effective than inset and cantilever integrated seating.

Cantilever Integrated Seating

As mentioned above, this type of seating is a variation of both the Inset and Floating options and is simply where part if the seating base profiles protrude from the face of the planter edging or wall, the distance of which is determined project-by-project as many factors have to be considered.

Cantilever Integrated Seating Points to Consider

• Depending on style of seating, this can be suitable for mid, and high level planter edging
• Depending on the distance of the front protrusion, the fire risk of exposed timbers would have to be looked at carefully


The points of difference between the various types of integrated seating designs can be viewed as minimal. However, these subtle changes can sometimes make, or break, the overall aesthetics of a project – choose wisely and speak over your ideas with Logic.

We would have to mention that following disasters such as the Grenfell tragedy and the following scrutiny around fire risk, exposed timber elements have to be looked into very carefully.

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