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Inset vs Topper vs Cantilever Integrated Seating

Although when specifying integrated seating it is commonly assumed that there is just one type of integrated seating, this isn’t the case.  There are actually 3 different variations, inset integrated seating, wall topper integrated seating and cantilever integrated seating.  Each variation has different strengths, weaknesses and aesthetics but we will explain why we avoid cantilevered seating.

Please note that these variations only concern the height of the seating in relation to the planter edge rather than how far the seating protrudes, or doesn’t protrude, from the planter edge.

Inset Integrated Seating

Inset integrated seating is cut into the planter edging so that the top of the seating profiles are flush with the top of the planter edge.  Thanks to its versatility and clean, uncluttered appearance it is the most popular variation of integrated seating.

Inset Seating Points to Consider

  • Suitable for slightly higher height planter edging as the timber slats are flush with the seating height
  • Helps to keep the planter edge neat and uncluttered
  • Slightly more expensive than wall top integrated seating but more cost effective than cantilever integrated seating

Wall Top Integrated Seating

Wall top integrated seating sits on top of the planter edge as opposed to inset seating which is indented into the planter edge.  It is often used on top of concrete planters or other concrete structures as forming the concrete to suit inset and cantilever seating is extremely expensive.

Wall Top Seating Points to Consider

  • Suitable for slightly lower height planter edging as the timber slats raise the seating height
  • Much more cost effective than cantilever integrated seating, slightly less expensive than inset integrated seating

Cantilever Integrated Seating

Cantilever integrated seating is very different from inset and wall top configurations. They both are variations of the seating sitting on top of the planter edge. However, cantilever seating is fundamentally different because the seat is attached to the front face of the planter edge. Both the top and bottom sides of the timber slats on cantilever seating are open and unprotected, usually with gaps in between each slat. The creates a fire risk problem, as this is the perfect environment for fire to spread.

Cantilever Seating Points to Consider

  • Cantilever seating is suited to a wide range of planter edge heights
  • Increases fire risk
  • Not suitable for smaller paved spaces


The points of difference between inset seating and wall top seating are minimal.  However, following disasters such as the Grenfell tragedy and the following scrutiny around fire risk, cantilever seating can sometimes be a challange.

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