102 Camley Street


Situated in the heart on Kings Cross, 102 Camley Street was a project that is important for us because it spurred the development of our Slante Planter.

Project102 Camley Street, London
ClientUnited Living
Landscape Architect: Powell Dobson
Main Contractor:United Living
Sector: Residential
Design / ProductSquared Bench & Seating
Design / ProductSlante Raised Planter Edging
Project Details Project Intro

102 Camley Street is a 11 Storey Apartment building located on Regents Canal in the heart of London. 

The client investigated the possibility of using various methods to hide extrusions, and eventually decided to use planters.  However, when we submitted our draft drawings using the Stapel planter which features an upright edge, it was clear that the Planters would look strange as they had to be tall to cover the extrusions.  Therefore, we decided to reduce the visual impact by setting the front edge at an angle, disguising the real height.  This design feature has proved popular and we have incorporated it into our Slante planter collection.

Products Used

In additional to trialling the Slante planters on this project, we also seating from the Squared collection.

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