340A Clapham Road


Due to its inner-city location, the size and design of the amenity spaces on the Clapham Road residential development were of paramount importance. The bold off-white aesthetic of the spaces is exceptional, with the planter edging acting as a perfect foil to the fresh greenery of the plants.

Project340A Clapham Road
ClientRegal London & KKR
Landscape Architect: Turkington Martin
Main Contractor: Regal London
Sector: Residential
Design / ProductStapel Raised Planter Edge
Design / ProductModal Bench
Photography:Paul Scott - www.frontelevation.co.uk
Project Details Project Intro

There were numerous roof terraces across the development, along with a podium landscape above the underground car park at ground level.  Each amenity space was a different size which meant that all planter edge sections were bespoke.  The planter package offered by Logic helped deliver this outstanding project in three ways.

Firstly, at design stage, the design office had the flexibility to work with the landscape architects in configuring the radius and height sections of the planter edge.

Secondly, the structural component of the planters was the self-weighted Velox system – no bolts and no foundation were needed which eased the installation process.  Most planters were 700mm high, although there were some higher sections, up to 1200mm, at various points around the project.  We were able to guarantee the structural integrity of these high planters which was well-received by the client.

Finally, the landscape architect envisaged an LED lighting gap at the bottom of the raised planter edge, a request the Logic team were able to fulfil despite the design and manufacture challenges associated with it.

Products Used

Our dependable Stapel planter edge product was used throughout.  We welcomed the opportunity to powder coat the planter edge in an unusual off-white RAL 7035 colour, underlining the inherent flexibility with our modular design approach.  Also, Modal benches feature at ground level, perfectly complementing the modern aesthetic of the project

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