MC6 Sixth Form College


Middlesbrough College decided to enhance the outdoor space at their prestigious new dockside MC6 building by retrospectively adding street furniture outside the building, to act as a visual cue for the way into the building and as a recreational space for students.

ProjectMC6 Sixth Form College
ClientMiddlebrough College
Landscape Architect:N/A
Design / ProductModified Madal Seating
Design / ProductStrype Tub Planter
Project Details Project Intro

The Middlesbrough College MC6 building at the historic Middlehaven site is a sixth form college designed to cater for 500 students and staff.  Following completion of the project, the College retrospectively decided they wanted to install street furniture outside the building as the area, although landscaped, was devoid of outdoor seating for students.

When discussing the project with the client, they liked the simplicity of our Modal design.  However, they also wanted to incorporate the concept of gabion baskets somewhere in the project because they are heavily used in marine environments and using them would reflect the marine heritage of Middlesbrough. 

Therefore, our Research and Development team looking into the possibility of using gabion baskets within the Modal design.  Although simple in theory, this was a difficult task as gabion baskets have a notoriously weak structure – they are built to absorb the impact of waves, not to be used as load bearing structures.

Products Used

Picnic sets and benches from the Modal collection were used, albeit heavily modified through the gabion basket construction.  Another product used was the Strype Tub Planter at the entrance of the building.

We were proud to receive this recommendation from the client evidencing the success of our work:

‘Many thanks for the work you’ve done with the furniture over the last few weeks – it’s very eye-catching and high qualify.  We look forward to dealing with your company in the future.’

-David Wade, Facilities Manager



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