Monks Cross


Logic’s involvement in the renovation of Monks Cross Shopping Park has been successful in updating the physical space and adding to the customer experience.

ProjectMonks Cross Shopping Park
LocationYork, England
ClientMonks Cross Shopping Park Trust
Landscape Architect: Urban Edge Architecture
Main Contractor: GMI Construction
Sector: Retail
Design / ProductStapel Raise Planter Edge
Design / ProductErban Raised Planter Edge
Design / ProductPlateu Integrated Seating
Photography:Giles Rocholl Photography Ltd
Project Details Project Intro

The client wanted to create a large open plaza space to generate a ‘street scene’ atmosphere.  The challenge was without careful planning, the space would be inanimate due to hard landscaping.  This was overcome by the inclusion of soft landscaping features with Plateu integrated seating.

Due to the varied scope of the project demands, the flexibility of our products was highly valued.  In particular, the planters had to be customised into a variety of curves and angles. This was made possible thanks to the modular design. Also, the design of the Plateu integrated seating allowed the design and install process to be relatively simple.

Furthermore, although foreign options were initially considered, the client was passionate about using locally sourced products so having their products built nearby was an advantage.

Products Used

There were two distinct elements to the scheme – the plaza area and car park.


The plaza area featured Stapel Planters and Plateu integrated seating thanks to their contemporary feel.  The car park features Erban planters which lend themselves nicely to bespoke curves and as a soft landscape element, helped transform the otherwise featureless car park landscape. Utilising the Velox Rapid Edge™ made for a quick & easy install.

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