Spire Hospital


A prestigious new Spire Group hospital near Nottingham. Since completion, it has a 96% recommendation rate from outpatients.

ProjectSpire Hospital
ClientSpire Group
Landscape Architect:TPM Architects - Manchester
Contractor:Morgan Sindall
Design / Product
Project Details Project Intro

For Logic, the project involved installing furniture outside the entrance and in a private garden overlooking the airfield behind the hospital. 

Both areas had a very different design brief and required careful thought and planning.

The entrance area was relatively spacious, and the client wanted to achieve a modern, almost clinical yet welcoming area.  The garden was much less spacious, sandwiched between the hospital building and a small pond with the airfield behind it.  The client desired for this area to have a secluded, relaxing aura.

We had to modify our furniture to work within set spaces and creating a green environment for patients.

Products Used

For the entrance area, Plateu seating was installed on top of Stapel planters. The square profile timbers matched with the square planter profiles to achieve the desired contemporary look. For the garden area, Enfusa seating was used as a base design. We modified it slightly by manufacturing thinner legs and timber armrests. This allowed the seating to blend in with the rustic garden feel but still have a contemporary feel. Anything too traditional would look out of place with the modern look of the hospital.

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