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Planters at roof/podium level: How does it work?

Podium spaces and roof gardens are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their positive impact on the environment and benefits to building users.  Technically, anything is possible on roof gardens with the quality of green roof infrastructure being currently designed and manufactured by companies in the industry.  

However, podium and roof garden spaces remain especially challenging to design and build due to the number of demands placed on the build-up.  For example, the build-up needs to be waterproof yet have provision for rainwater runoff.  It must be lightweight yet strong.  It needs to be aesthetically pleasing in what otherwise would be an ugly area of exposed concrete and steel.

How to approach roof build-up design.

The best way to approach a roof build-up design is to work from the top downwards.  That is, establish what will be placed on the build-up such as planters, seating or even water features and then work out what will be needed to support this.

Many roof gardens will incorporate planter and paving areas as the primary components.  With regards to the build-up, the obvious next step is the establish where these areas will be.  The build-up beneath a planter is substantially different from the build-up beneath the paving.

A good approach is always to consult with the individual component manufacturers closely during the design stages.  Due to the variety of needs at the roof level, each component needs its specialist manufacturer to provide the necessary range of options, something that is very difficult to achieve by a full build-up company.


Planter Edging Build-Up Options

Option 1 – Conventional System


  • Less Expensive to procure.  (Installation cost out-weighs this advantage)
  • Less components than other systems.


  • Substantial foundation required.
  • Excessive combined costs.
  • Lengthy installation process.
  • High risk of waterproof penetration.
  • Expected risk of exceeded loading.

Option 2 – Raised Floor


  • Flat and even surface above roof level to work from.
  • Simplified roof build-ups.


  • Excessive combined costs.
  • Expected point loading issues/compression.
  • Risk of non-compliance to BS 8579
  • Excessive/unnecessary material required beneath planting.

Option 3 – Velox Rapid Edge


  • No foundation required
  • Rapid installation process
  • No waterproof penetration
  • Low install cost
  • No risk of exceeded loading.
  • Simple fixing detail


  • Can appear more expensive without considering installation.


Approaching roof build-up design should involve a top-down strategy, determining what elements like planters, seating, or water features will be placed on the build-up before designing the necessary support. Collaboration with individual component manufacturers during the design phase is crucial due to the specific requirements of each component.

With planter edging specifically, there is no one-size-fits-all all.  Logic Manufactured Bespoke provides any of the above systems in a variety of designs.  We recommend speaking with technical experts from individual manufacturers to ensure that the best solution is chosen for your project.



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