The Logic Process

Logic Manufactured Bespoke are a team of Designers and Specialist Manufacturers of raised planter edging & seating, renowned for their unique planter edging system – Velox Rapid Edge™.

As logical people we believe every project can and should be unique. From product research, to design and production, this belief shapes our entire approach.

Innovation is at the heart of our existence. We listen and implementing ideas, both from our own team, but often more importantly, our clients.

This has enabled us to develop industry leading products and processes. Looking ahead, we strive for continuous improvement for both sustainability and creative freedom.

Innovation will remain at the forefront of our plans.

The culmination of this innovation and passion is a system of modular components, created to offer the best of both worlds – giving design freedom of bespoke, and yet the ease & assurance of proven parts.

That’s how, with Logic, you can specify planters and seating with ease, customised to your individual project requirements.

1. Estimating & Quotations

Our Estimating team will work with information provided and quotations are based upon this information received. We manufacture both standard modules and bespoke designs, therefore all dimensions, quantities and detailed specifications within the quotation should be thoroughly checked before orders are placed. Our team of consultants are on hand to assist in these steps.

2. Payments & Accounts

Our standard payment terms apply for all projects and are as follows:• Design deposit is required prior to our drawing office being engaged. This allows the drawing process to commence.

  • Design deposit is required prior to our drawing office being engaged. This allows the drawing process to commence.
  • Initial payment of 50% of order value is required once drawings have been signed off and prior to the manufacturing process commencing.
  • Full balance payment is required prior to goods being delivered to site.

How the above payments are split is dependent upon the size and complexity of the project and will be agreed at place of order stage.

If in the unfortunate circumstance the project has to be cancelled by the client, the following process will be followed and fee

1. Predesign deposit received (5% admin fee)
2. Stage 1 design commenced (Design deposit, non-refundable & 10% fee)
3. Stage 2 design commenced (Design deposit, non-refundable & 50% fee)
4. Production commencement (Design deposit & production deposit non-refundable & Balance payment in full)
5. Production completion (Balance payment due in full)
Materials are often subject to inflation and availability; this can be mitigated by securing the material at order stage via a
deposit payment.

3. Project Management

One of our Project Managers will be assigned to your project who will now be your new single point of contact and will handle all correspondence. They are responsible to ensure the project is delivered in full, on time, and to specification.

An initial meeting will be held to establish the project scope key dates and your key personnel.
Weekly Progress Reports will be issued at the end of every week, which will commence from the start of the project and cease upon delivery of product to site. Any key personnel can be included into this correspondence.

Drawing Office
Our team of highly skilled Solidworks (CAD) draughtsman will produce detailed drawings which require your approval prior to production commencing. For some projects this will require the drawings to go through a two-stage process. This is to ensure we manufacture exactly what is required and meets your expectations.

Where a 2-stage drawing process is required, typically stage 1 drawings require 1 week to be produced, and stage 2 require 2 weeks to produce. This does depend upon the size and complexity of the project so can vary. Frequent communication between the Project Manager and your key personnel is essential.

Our drawing package includes 1 revision at each stage; further revisions will be charged at £60 per hour.

All costs are subject to final design approval and sign off, which will be agreed prior to manufacturing commencing.

Manufacturing Period
This period will have been stated and agreed on within the initial quotation. Once all drawings are completed and have been signed off by the relevant parties, the lead time countdown will start, and manufacture will commence.

Weekly updates & milestones to the key personnel will be issued, with the endeavour to complete on time, if not sooner. If the manufacturing lead time is required to be expedited, this will be looked at on a project-by-project basis and where increase costs are incurred, this will be agreed and taken on by the client.

If finished goods are required on site after the manufacturing lead time has been completed, where storage charges have been incurred, this will need to be covered by to the client.

4. Logistics

Towards the end of the manufacturing lead time, contact will be made with site to discuss in more detail the transport options. Once final delivery dates have been confirmed, we will organise the appropriate transport to site.

Our quotation will state what carriage charges have been included based on the information we have received, which unless otherwise stated is based on the following:

• Standard flat-bed delivery vehicle, rigid or articulated
• Normal working hours of 8AM – 5PM, Monday to Friday
• Off-loading by others
• Single phase drop

Any special requirements such as FORS, time sensitive deliveries, reduced weight / height vehicles, delayed off-loading (Demurrage charge may apply after 1 hour), or specialist vehicle such as Hiab, may incur further charges.

5. Installation

Our goods are designed, manufactured, and supplied for others to install, of which installation instructions and guidelines are provided. Please contact our Project Managers and review the install guide to gain an understanding of the correct install procedures before commencing with the install.

For all Logic HVM products an independent risk assessment should be carried out inline with the CPNI/NPSA test results.

In-house training and instruction can be provided from either our Clerkenwell Design Studio or our Teesside manufacturing depot.

If on-site presence and instruction is required, this will be charged at a day rate of £600 per Logic representative.

To view our terms and conditions of sale and supply of goods and services please visit Terms & Conditions

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