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What is Bronze Pinto?

What is Bronze?

Before explaining about Bronze Pinto , it is useful to know about Bronze itself.  Bronze is a Copper alloy that typically contains 95% Copper and 5% Tin.  Visually, it is hard to distinguish it from Brass which is 65-85% Copper and 15-35% Zinc.  In fact, Architectural Bronze should technically be regarded as Brass since it is 57% Copper and 40% Zinc.

Aside from Bronze’s prestigious aesthetic appeal, it is strong, long-lasting and can be recycled.  It is also corrosion resistant, which is why it is used in ships propellors.  These factors make it a perfect architectural metal in a world where cost is no object.

Why did we develop Pinto ™ ?

However, there are two reasons why Bronze is rarely used in the architectural world, aside from statues and other ornamental type fittings.

  1. It is very expensive as a raw material
  2. It is hard to work with, further increasing the total cost

Unfortunately, these two factors result in Bronze being price engineered out of nearly every project it is specified within.

The underlying demand for Bronze is so strong that the R&D team at Logic decided to see what they could do about it in a street furniture setting.  The final spur for them was when they were working on a project at Accrington Town Hall that included specialist Bronze features because part of the project was dedicated to the fallen in World War 1.  When these features inevitably got price engineered out of the project, they decided to explore ways to develop a finish that had the same appeal as Solid Bronze but was less expensive.

What is Pinto ™ ?

This development process resulted in the Pinto finish.  It is a stainless-steel based material, that gives it the aesthetic of solid Bronze. 

In terms of cost, It is more expensive than a powder coated finish or Corten but far less than solid Bronze.

Although Bronze Pinto has been used in larger applications the manufacturing process makes it well suited for smaller items such as armrests, interpretation etc.

Solid Bronze/Copper/Brass tarnishes into a green colour over time because of the natural weathering process.  Pinto will do the same.  Some designers welcome this, but if you prefer it not to develop this green patina, there is the possibility to apply a clear powder coat post-manufacturing which will protect against this.

For more information about Bronze Pinto, please read our Bronze Pinto vs Solid State Bronze blog.


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