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What is Linier ?

Linier: An Introduction

Linier is a trademarked steel finish with a unique post-Industrial look featuring mottled grey and navy shades.  It is largely used in planter tubs and planter edging, often as an alternative to Corten.

It was developed by Logic Manufactured Bespoke, who manufacture raised planter edging and seating.  They developed it through trial and error at the request of several landscape architects and specifiers.  Although each request varied, the general theme was that the options for a 3 dimensional, or a textured finish on planter edging was limited to Corten which was becoming over-used. 

Our design influences came from the natural beauty of granite, the patterns found in oxidised copper and the spangled finish of galvanised steel.

How is it manufactured?

The base material of Linier is galvanised mild steel. The galvanising process means that the finished product is corrosion resistant and very robust.  After galvanising, the steel undergoes a unique two-part treatment process to achieve the perfect Linier finish.

What makes Linier special?

Linier’s pattern, colour and texture give it its unique combination.

Linier should be viewed as a natural product in that no one section is the same.  A good way of looking at it is that the variations between each section are like natural stone.  Of course, there is that generic blue-grey consistency, but it is impossible for us to manufacture two identical sections which is part of the beauty of the finish.

Linier and Corten

Linear is a great alternative to Corten and is offers the same post-Industrial aesthetic at a similar price point but does not suffer from any runoff or atmospheric issues commonly associated with Corten. 

Also, we have had feedback from people mistaking the weathered look of Corten as ‘rusting’ or the ‘council being able to properly look after the outdoor furniture’ etc.  Linier avoids this criticism as the finish does not evolve, or change, over time.  How it looks after it emerges from our workshop is how it will look in 20 years’ time.

Read more about Linier™ Vs Corten here.

Examples of Linier in use

The best example to see how Linier can be used is on the Angel Gardens project in Manchester.  Full project details can be found on our project page, but a brief outline is that the client wanted a unique planter edging finish that had the same individuality as Corten but had a different aesthetic because they felt that Corten had become too commonplace in the surrounding area.

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