We believe every project can and should be unique

From product research, to design and production, this belief shapes our entire approach.

The culmination of this, is an ecosystem of modular components, created to offer the best of both worlds, meaning the design freedom of bespoke combined with the ease & assurance of proven parts.

That’s how, at Logic, creativity meets reality, with planters & Seating Manufactured Bespoke!

see the bigger picture & make sustainability your approach

Innovation is at the heart of our existence...

...listening and implementing ideas, from within our team and the wider community.
Which has enabled us to develop industry leading products and processes.

Looking ahead, innovation will remain at the for front – on our journey
of continuous improvement for sustainability and creative freedom.

experience the best of British

Logic Manufactured Bespoke, Telford Rd, Middlesbrough, TS3 8BL

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