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Logic Manufactured Bespoke™

Swifter – Saving time through shortening the process from concept to completion.

Smarter – Reducing costs, weight & carbon emissions through simple and yet brilliant design.

Safer – Providing certainty in addressing areas of high risk.

With roots deep in British manufacturing, experience is everything. That is what Logic is known for. Providing Confidence. Reducing Risk.

The culmination of the Swifter, Smarter, Safer passion, is a series of modular planter and seating systems.

This modular approach is chosen to give you the best of both worlds, the design freedom of bespoke with the ease & assurance of proven parts. 

That’s how, with Logic, you can specify planters and seating with ease, customised to your individual project requirements. 

Logic’s raised planter edging is used on commercial landscaping projects, made bespoke to suit the client’s needs whilst being sustainable & practical to save time and costs.

see the bigger picture & make sustainability your approach

Innovation is at the heart of our existence...

...listening and implementing ideas, from within our team and the wider community.
This has enabled us to develop industry leading products and processes.

Looking ahead, we will continue to aim for continuous improvement for sustainability and creative freedom.
Innovation will remain at the forefront of our plans.

experience the best of British


We are committed to helping your ideas become a reality. Visit our product pages to view our planter edging and seating collections. Configuring your design is simple – just click on the collection then use the drop downs in the configure box to build your perfect design.


Our blogs cover a range of topics related to all things urban street furniture and raised planter edging. Since being established, our team have years of knowledge behind them and these insights transfer all the knowledge from their heads onto paper for you to digest.


Do you want to get some inspiration for an ongoing project? Or see examples of projects featuring our raised planter edging and integrated seating? View our projects page to have a look at our featured case studies.

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