Logic Learning Program


Continuous learning is essential for specifiers who want to keep at the top of their game. This is exactly why the Logic Learning Program was
designed to build specifiers’ knowledge and share meaningful insights

”Felt like I actually learned something other than the contents of your catalogue (which is the usual outcome of these things)”

Dominique Nomico – Trustee Board Director, Fabrik UK.


Is material knowledge essential?

With so many material options available – how do I make the best-informed choice? Workshop 1 gives you practical working knowledge enabling you to select the exact material with absolute confidence. You will also learn more about the sustainability and characteristics of other materials.

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How can a single landscaping element drastically impact sustainability and cost?

In this workshop, we’ll explore how strategic choices in design can mitigate risk, make a measurable environmental impact, and reduce expenses. This session will reveal how designers and contractors can leverage key design strategies that drastically enhance sustainability while controlling costs.

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What Planter System is best for my project?

There are 3 different planter edging systems and 3 different landscape environments. Workshop 3 looks into, which system is best for each of these different environments. The session will also show how your creative designs can be complemented with the virtually limitless configurations available. With your live project, we will explore the various options and conclude with what’s best for you.

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Is timber here to stay or is this the beginning of the end?

With so many timber options available, as a specifier, how do I make the best-informed choice? In Workshop 4 we work through the battle of sustainability vs functionality to find out where we can achieve the best ecological balance when specifying timber. We also look at timber certification bodies and reveal the truth behind this certification.

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Are Fire Regulations Destroying Roof Garden Design

Fire Regulations can be a real challenge when designing a roof-terrace or podium landscape. As a landscape architect or designer, you already have a high level of complexity to deal with in designing these spaces and probably can do without the added burden of these latest regulations, particularly relating to planters & seating. In Workshop 5 we give some simple and straightforward takeaways which can easily be applied to live & future projects.

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Wind, and its Effect on Landscape Design

Wind can not only introduce design challenges but can be a serious threat to public safety if it is not managed properly.  Workshop 6 looks into the challenges wind poses in the development of amenity spaces, how it acts in the urban environment and some relevant regulations.

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How can Landscape Design Play a Part in Public Safety

In recent years, the threat of a violent attack in a public place has increased dramatically. As landscape architects or urban designers, we have a lot of responsibility but also scope to create a safer environment when we design public realm spaces.
Workshop 7 will uncover some new regulations, the challenges associated with designing safer spaces and give you some key takeaways for live and future projects.

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