According to Albert Einstein

“Once you stop learning, you start dying”

Continuous Professional Development or CPD Workshops are essential for specifiers who want to keep at the top of their game. This is exactly why our CPDs are specifically designed to build specifiers’ knowledge through the delivery of engaging and meaningful content.


Essential External Material Knowledge

With so many material options available – how do I make the best-informed choice? This CPD gives you the practical working knowledge enabling you to select the exact material with absolute confidence. You will also learn more about the sustainability of varying timber species and the characteristics of architectural metals.

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Mastering the Complex Podium Interface

Planting at podium level is notorious for its numerous challenges and associated cost. This CPD is a practical learning course designed to help the specifier alleviate these challenges through creative thinking and additional knowledge. The session focuses not only on how to cut risk and simplify roof design but also educates specifiers on how to cut a huge amount of material wastage for a positive impact on the environment.

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Is timber here to stay or is this the beginning of the end?

With so many timber options available, as a specifier, how do I make the best-informed choice? In this CPD we work through the battle of sustainability vs functionality to find out where we can achieve the best ecological balance when specifying timber. We also look at timber certification bodies and reveal the truth behind this certification.

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