The Gardien Modular Vehicle Barrier. Protecting the public and valuable assets. Quick to install & uninstall. Aesthetically Pleasing.

Gardien Modular Vehicle Barrier

  • Hostile Vehicle Mitigation
  • The Gardien ... A HVM System

What is Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM)?

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation is a term that covers a range products that provide protection for people and property against terrorist vehicle-borne activities.​

Welcome to the Gardien

– HVM Compliant
– Improved Aesthetics
– Mitigates the Projectile Risk
– Modular Flexibility

Why the Gardien?


Quick and easy to install and uninstall. ​


Aesthetic improvement.
Effective means of protection.


Protecting members of the public and physical assets.​

On Style....

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Gardien Linear

Product Name: Gardien Linear

Tested Configuration 1: Available with different options.

Gardien Formed

Product Name: Gardien Formed

Tested Configuration 2: Available with different options.

Specifying the Gardien Modular Vehicle Barrier

Typical specification to include the chosen edging style along with Gardien Modular Vehicle Barrier along with chosen design option and finish.

  • Example specification 1
  • Example specification 2

Example specification 1

Gardien Linear Modular Vehicle Barrier
Design Option: Bar Top Intermediate
Material / Finish: Polyester powder coated

Manufacturer: Logic Manufactured Bespoke™

Example specification 2

Gardien Formed Modular Vehicle Barrier
Design Option: Bench Longitudinal
Material / Finish: Polyester powder coated

Manufacturer: Logic Manufactured Bespoke™

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