The Old War Office Residence


The historic Old War Office, with corridors once walked by Winston Churchill and Edward VIII, is now a luxury hotel and residence.

ProjectOWO Residence
Location57 Whitehall Court, Westminister, London SW1A 2BT
ClientRaffles, Westminster Development Services Ltd & Whitehall Residences Limited
Contractor:Ardmore Construction Ltd
Landscape Architect: ScreensMarcus Barett Studio
Landscape Architect: PlantersGround Control Ltd
Sector: Residential
Design / ProductStaple Raised Planter Edging - Powder Coated
Design / ProductBespoke Screens - Timber Clad
Photography:Paul Upward Photography (
Project Details Project Intro

Developed by Hinduja Group, this fantastical development, having played a vital part of British history, is now beginning a new chapter.  The development includes:

  • 580,000-square-foot building
  • 85 branded residences
  • 5 heritage suites
  • Vast swimming pool facilities
  • Grand marble staircase to the lobby
  • Courtyard space with luxurious planting and water features.

With such an ambitious design and massively high-quality demands, Logic was chosen to ensure quality and overcome certain challenges:

  • Dramatically tall, stepped planters to house the mature trees at ground level.
  • Meticulous quality standards.
  • Planters edging to work alongside dramatic water features.


Product Used

Stapel Raised Edge Design with PPC finish.

Velox Rapid Edge fixing detail to ensure the result was Swifter Smarter and Safer.



Logic Manufactured Bespoke, Pennine House, Hurricane Court, Stockton-on-Tees, TS18 3TL

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