UCL – One Pool Street


Based at the heart of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London's new academic and research center is bustling with life.

ProjectUCL - One Pool Street
LocationOne Pool Street, Stratford, London E20 2AF
ClientUniversity College London
Contractor:Vinci Construction
Landscape Architect: Bradley-Hole Schoenaich
Sector: Residential / Education
Design / ProductStaple Raised Planter Edging - Weathering Steel Grade A
Design / ProductIntegrated boxer Seating - Iroko Hardwood
Photography:Paul Upward Photography (www.paulupward.co.uk)
Project Details Project Intro

University of London – One Pool Street is not only a student accommodation but also has hi-tech laboratories and extensive research space.  The development includes:

  • A fully landscaped roof terrace and grounds.
  • 5,500m2 of world-leading academic research laboratories.
  • 524 individual accommodation units.
  • Direct access to London’s main stations


Early on, Logic was approached to provide technical assistance and address some of the challenges for this project:

  • Loading issues given the extensive soil for Deep Planting.
  • Concerns around Corten residue runoff.
  • Fire concerns. The timber had a fire-resistant coating.

Product Used

Staple Raised Edge Design in Corten to house extensive planting, including mature trees.

Velox Rapid Edge fixing detail to ensure the result was Swifter Smarter and Safer.

Iroko Timber with Fire-Resistant coating.



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