The best products require the best installation and that’s why we spend time to source the right teams to install our systems.

Why choose an Approved Contractor?

For the best quality customer service, we call on our Approved Contractor Network.

  • Swifter - Accuracy
  • Smarter - Quality Assurance
  • Safer - Attention to Detail

With training and experience in the industry, our Approved Contractors get it right. First time.

We continuously update and inform our partners with new developments to enable them to remain the experts within the industry.

Their pricing and installation estimates are informed and accurate, giving you piece of mind.

Our carefully selected Approved Contractors have experience in the industry.

All our contractors are carefully chosen, have experience in their field, and have to pass a theory and practical examination prior to becoming an Approved Contractor.

This gives you the peace of mind that the installation will be as accurate as possible.

To ensure professionalism and attention to detail on all projects.

With experience, not only in the industry but also with our systems, Logic Approved Contractors ensure attention to detail and assurance that the installation is done right.

Approved Contractor Network

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