Building. Better. A Building Safety Act Seminar

Building Safety Act Seminar

The construction industry may have experienced one of the most significant changes for a long time.  The Building Safety Act (BSA) which took effect in October 2023 will affect architects, designers, construction companies, and developers who are at the forefront of these transformations. 

To truly understand and express the importance of this new regulation, Logic partnered with Selo ( to host an event specifically relating to the Building Safety Act, which we heard from industry experts and construction professionals. 

As the BSA comes into play, contractors and designers will be relying on manufacturers and the supply chain to provide them with detailed, compliant information early on in the design process.  More details on the Key Takeaways from the Building Safety Act Seminar can be found in this article – Understanding the Building Safety Act.


The Building Safety Act represents a major shift in how the construction industry operates in the UK. It places greater accountability on developers, contractors and architects to ensure buildings are safe for occupants. There are now stringent requirements around the design, construction and handover of new buildings.

There are also new competency requirements for architects, contractors and building inspectors. Overall, the Act aims to improve quality, compliance and safety across the built environment. It should drive positive change, albeit necessitating significant adjustments for firms working in construction. Adapting to the new regulatory landscape will take time and likely add costs initially. However, enhancing building safety is paramount and should benefit the industry long-term.

The Act provides an opportunity to overhaul outdated practices and usher in higher standards. Although the transition may be difficult, embracing the reforms will be critical for construction businesses wishing to operate successfully in the UK going forward.

You can watch the full recording of the seminar on Selo’s Website – Event Recording.



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