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Three lighting options for your development

Integrated Lighting in planters is becoming more and more popular, at both ground floor and podium level.

This article looks at the different types of lighting that can be used to achieve that desired effect.  Lighting is a specialist area and many manufacturers can advise on specific fittings for your project.


This is possibly the simplest form of planter lighting as it doesn’t require too much, if any, design change to the actual planter. The fitting is installed between the edge of the paving/decking and the bottom front edge of the planter, so the light shines up the face of the planter.


Up lighting and planters


Inset lighting 

As the name suggests, this is where lighting modules are fitted into the face of the planter sections. The light can be either cast horizontally straight out or angled down depending on what effect is required and the fitting suitably chosen. There are many options to choose from, circular or rectangle are often used.

Inset lighting and planters

Integrated lighting

Again as the name suggests, this is where the fitting is an integral part of the planter. It can be at any height within the vertical face and will always shine down the front face and wash across the area in front of the planter. This design enables the actual fitting to be hidden whilst allowing full benefit from the lighting module.


Integrated lighting and planters



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