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Corten vs Weathering Steel

Corten steel is often associated with its weathering steel properties, but there are different grades within the Corten family. The two most recognized grades used for Corten are Corten A and Corten B. Below, we’ll explore the differences between these two grades.

Understanding Corten Steel Grades – Corten A vs. Corten B

Selecting the right grade of Corten steel is crucial when working with this material, as it can impact the final appearance and performance of your project.

Corten A:

  1. Chemical Composition: Corten A is primarily composed of iron, with small amounts of copper, chromium, nickel, and phosphorus. The presence of these alloying elements enhances the steel’s resistance to atmospheric corrosion.

  2. Weathering Properties: Corten A is known for its excellent weathering properties. When exposed to the elements, it develops a protective layer of rust on the surface, which not only prevents further corrosion but also gives the steel its distinctive reddish-brown appearance. This patina acts as a barrier against atmospheric corrosion and can extend the material’s lifespan.

  3. Applications: Corten A is commonly used in architectural applications, outdoor sculptures, cladding, and structural components. Its aesthetic appeal, combined with its corrosion resistance, makes it a popular choice for outdoor and exposed environments.

Corten B:

  1. Chemical Composition: Corten B has a slightly different chemical composition compared to Corten A. It contains small amounts of copper, chromium, nickel, and phosphorus, similar to Corten A. However, Corten B has a higher phosphorus content.

  2. Weathering Properties: Corten B shares the same weathering characteristics as Corten A. It forms a protective rust layer when exposed to the elements, which provides corrosion resistance and a unique appearance.

  3. Applications: Corten B is used in similar applications as Corten A, particularly in structural and architectural projects. The choice between Corten A and Corten B may depend on factors such as availability, project requirements, and design preferences.


Comparing Corten A and Corten B:

  • Corrosion Resistance: Both Corten A and Corten B offer excellent corrosion resistance when exposed to outdoor conditions. The formation of the protective rust layer is a key feature of both grades.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Both grades develop the characteristic rust patina, giving them their signature appearance. The choice between the two may come down to the specific hue and texture desired for the project.

  • Availability: Availability may vary depending on your location and supplier. In some regions, one grade may be more readily available than the other.

  • Project Requirements: Consider the specific requirements of your project, including structural needs and environmental conditions. Consulting with a materials expert or engineer can help determine which grade is most suitable for your application.

In summary, both Corten A and Corten B are excellent choices for projects requiring weathering steel properties and a distinctive appearance. The choice between the two grades should be based on factors such as project requirements, availability, and design preferences. Consulting with experts in materials and design can ensure you make the right selection for your specific application.


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