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Raised Edge vs Tub: Which is best for me?


Urban planting requires a depth of soil, which is usually achieved with a planter tub or edge.  Tub vs Edge:  Which is best? 

Where planters are part of a more complex area and drainage is required into the sub-base, then the standard planter design is the perfect solution. However, what if there is a requirement to access services above/below ground where the planters are to be placed, or external events may require temporary relocation of planting? How can we have the planting movable? This is where planter tubs would be used, but what’s the difference?

Planter Tub

As the name implies, this is precisely what it is. describes it as “a wide, open, deep, typically round container with a flat bottom used for holding liquids, growing plants, etc.” They can be designed to different shapes and sizes and manufactured out of a variety of materials, some are more suited for the domestic market where longevity, robustness and even fire regulations are not applicable. EG Fibreglass and timber are materials that can be used, however, some can pose a fire risk in certain situations, and waterproofing and durability with timber can be a challenge. Galvanised mild steel or stainless steel are 2 materials that are easy to work with, durable and well-suited to the external environment.

Because these tubs are to be moved as a single item, there are certain dimensional restrictions. Please contact our Technical Team to discuss your requirements. 

Planter Tub Image with example - Tub vs Edge

Advantages of Planter Tubs:

  1. Movable: The main advantage of Planter tubs is that they can be moved.  They are typically freestanding containers.

  2. Simple Install:  Given that they are fully fabricated and ready for site placement, planter tubs require very little to no installation as they can be simply lifted into position.

Disadvantages of Planter Tubs:

  1. Limited Space: The size of a planter tub restricts the amount of soil and planting space you have. This can limit the types and quantities of plants you can grow.

  2. Drainage Concerns: Proper drainage is essential for plant health.  Given that they are fully enclosed tubs drainage can be a concern.  Drainage holes can be allowed but need to be considered carefully.

  3. Cost: Purchasing multiple planter tubs can be more expensive than using a raised planter edge.  This is mainly due to the extra material required for a fully enclosed base.

Raised Planter Edging

This would be by far the most popular style of achieving elevated planting areas due to the unlimited options available in terms of shape, size, and design. Individual parts are site assembled and traditionally would be fixed down to concrete foundations to create the desired design. With the introduction of the Velox Rapid Edge system, concrete foundations are not now required, however, the overall function of the elevated planting area remains the same, which is of an open base where the water would drain away into the substrate below. Each project would have its design details of what this sub-base build-up would be.

Planter Edge Image - Tub vs Edge


Advantages of Raised Planter Edges:

  1. Space: Raised planter edges allow you to create larger planting areas compared to individual planter tubs. This can be especially beneficial if you want to grow a variety of plants.

  2. Cost-Effective:  A raised planter edge is often more cost-effective than a planter tub.  This is mainly because there is less material required.  A foundation-free planter edge can be created that will not require the material needed to form the base.  

  3. Better Drainage: Raised planters can have excellent drainage if designed properly. You can control the soil quality, depth, and drainage system to suit your plants’ needs.

Disadvantages of Raised Planter Edges:

  1. Less Mobility: Raised planter edges are stationary structures, so you can’t easily move them once constructed.  

  2. Installation:  Raised Planter edges will require some on-site installation.  

Tub vs. Edge?  Hopefully, you now have a better understanding.  For more information or project-specific assistance contact the Technical Team at Logic.

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