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Designed not only to look great but to simplify installation, offer sustainable solutions and reduce C02 emissions.







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Welcome to our ecosystem of modular planter & seating components that can be easily configured to create your own unique design.

This is Logic Manufactured Bespoke™ – combining custom-made with the ease of standard modules.

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Featured Project

340A Clapham Road

There were numerous roof terraces across the development, along with a podium landscape above the underground car park at ground level.  Each amenity space was […]

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In Sustainability, Innovation and Design Creativity

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Are There More Trees Now In The UK, Than 100 Years Ago?

Trees and their function are essential to life on earth but due to intensive agriculture and land reclamation for modern-day civilisations, the sustained loss of […]

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Understanding moisture in timber, what’s the best for me…?

When designing and/or specifying timber for any project, it’s important to understand a little about moisture content of timber and how it works. There are […]

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GRP and Composites: Sustainability, Recycling and Suitability for External Seating & Planters

What is GRP? GRP and composites aren’t a recently invented material.  In fact they were discovered around the start of the 20th century and have […]

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