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Welcome to our ecosystem of modular components that can be easily configured to create your own unique design.

This is Logic Manufactured Bespoke – combining the individuality of custom-made with the ease of sectional modules

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340A Clapham Road

There were numerous roof terraces across the development, along with a podium landscape above the underground car park at ground level.  Each amenity space was […]

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as logical people we believe...

In Sustainability, Innovation and Design Creativity

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Comparing the Carbon Cost of Secondary Growth Timber v Old Growth Timber

It’s naive to assume that all forests are equal when considering carbon sequestration. Carbon sequestration is the natural process by which organic matter, such as trees, […]

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Inset vs Topper vs Cantilever Integrated Seating

Although when specifying integrated seating it is commonly assumed that there is just one type of integrated seating, this isn’t the case.  There are actually […]

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Is there a correlation between timber durability and stability?

We are often asked, ‘how strong is the correlation between durable timbers species and stable timbers?’.  It is easy to see why this concept of […]

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