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Saving time through shortening the process from concept to completion.


Reducing costs, weight & carbon emissions through simple and yet brilliant design.


Providing certainty in addressing areas of high risk.

Configure your design

Logic provides expert advice and innovative systems to give confidence and reduce risk for all stakeholders of amenity spaces.

Welcome to our ecosystem of modular planter & seating components that can be easily configured to create your own unique design.

This is Logic Manufactured Bespoke™ – combining custom-made with the ease of standard modules.

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Featured Project

Horlicks Quarter

Slough sits at the heart of beautiful countryside, close to some of southern England’s most picturesque towns and villages, including Henley-on-Thames famous for rowing and […]

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as logical people we believe

In Sustainability, Innovation and Design Creativity

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Raised Edge vs Tub: Which is best for me?

Tub vs. Edge?  Which is best for your project requirements?  Where planters are part of a more complex area and drainage is required into the […]

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Raised planter edging on roof falls, how does it work?

With the increased desire for intensive green roofs on high-rise buildings, raised planter edging on roof falls has become an industry-wide complication.  There are some […]

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How can I incorporate lighting within my planters?

Integrated Lighting in raised planter edging is becoming more and more popular, at both ground floor and podium level. This article looks at the different […]

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