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Welcome to our ecosystem of modular components that can be easily configured to create your own unique design.

This is Logic Manufactured Bespoke – combining the individuality of custom-made with the ease of sectional modules

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Teesside Retail Park

A trend running through retail landscaping currently is creating a transition area between car parking and the physical store fronts. This transition acts as a […]

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In Sustainability, Innovation and Design Creativity

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Is my roof and rooftop furniture legally compliant to fire regulations?

What does all these regulations around roof garden fire safety actually mean? After the Grenfell disaster in 2017, new regulations around fire safety now ensure […]

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Roof Podium Build-up Type

Roof Podium Build-up Introduction  Podium spaces and roof gardens are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their positive impact on the environment and benefits to building […]

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How does FSC/UKTR cover the use of pesticides in the timber industry?

What are Pesticides? Pesticides are chemical or biological substances that are sprayed to control pests or any unwanted specie of plants.  If a pesticide is […]

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