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Raised planter edging on roof falls: How does it work?

With the increased desire for intensive green roofs on high-rise buildings, raised planter edging on roof falls has become an industry-wide complication.  There are some considerations and options detailed below.

Many of these areas would have paving or decking which can be installed on pedestals and rail systems, which are designed to take up the various levels and work well.

But what if we need planting areas for trees, shrubs, etc. where you have the bulk and weight of soil? Lifting these areas to deck level means the issue of point loading rises to a head.  Can we successfully have raised planter edging on these challenging rooftops?

The simple answer is, yes we can. There are several ways to achieve planting at the roof level.

Option 1

This option shows suitable aggregate infill, laid to take up the variations in the structural slab providing a level plain. This is a simple yet clever method of dealing with falls, as it also limits fire risk by mitigating the void underneath the raised floor. The type of aggregate is project-specific.

Option 2

This is where the planter system takes up the variations in the structural slab whilst maintaining a top edge parallel to FFL. Whilst this option offers a simplified on-site process, additional time is required during the design process.


As we know, not all roof slabs are designed and constructed as a single plane.  Also, the roof/podium slab can often have multi-levels due to requirements on the level below.

Velox Rapid Edge™ is perfectly at home in most circumstances. Logic Manufactured Bespoke, with years of experience, are experts in manufacturing raised planter edging on roof falls. 

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