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Understanding External FF&E Industry Terms

This is intended as a brief guide to the correct products and FF and E terms used in external landscaping and outdoor furniture.  Hopefully, it will help avoid confusion when specifying or manufacturing different elements and may even be a source of inspiration for future projects. 

Raised Planter Edging 

What is it? Raised planter edging refers the structural walls of planters.  Although they are often known in the external architectural metalwork industry simply as planters, this is misleading as technically, ‘planters’ would refer to the whole planter build-up including soil and plants. 

Where is it used?  Raised planter edging is the term used to describe the key structural component for planters and are commonly used at rooftop level as part of roof gardens or at ground level in urban landscaping projects. 

Also known as…Planter Edging, Planters, Corten Edging, Steel Edging 

Logic Product Example: Corrio Planter Edging 

Featured Project Example:

Planter Tubs 

What are they? Planter Tubs are small standalone boxes of raised planter edging.  The internal structure is the same, however planter tubs are often slightly higher than planter edging.  Planter tubs are generally more of an accessory whereas planters are often designed as an integral part of a landscape. 

Where are they used? Due to their relatively small size and given the fact that most planter tubs are standalone features, Planter Tubs are a much more versatile option compared to raised planter edging.  Therefore, they can be used in a variety of park and urban landscape settings. 

Also known as…Planter Box 

Logic Product Example: Stapel Planter Tub 

Featured Project Example: 


What are they? The difference in terms between benches and seating is that benches do not include backrests.  They can be either be specified as standalone benches or incorporated with raised planter edging as integrated seating.  In fact, and surface where sitting is practical can be considered a bench. 

Where are they used? Benches are probably the most widely used component in street furniture, even more so than seating because they are a simpler product.  They are used across the full spectrum; residential, educational, commercial, retail and transport infrastructure landscaping projects.  The list could go on. 

Also known as…Bench modules 

Logic Product Example: Squared Bench

Featured Project Example: Princess Works Residential, Sheffield 


What is it?  Seats include a backrest, benches do not.  They are more complex components then benches due to the additional structural elements, design and material. 

Where is it used?  Like Benches, seats are used across the board on landscaping projects and urban street furniture projects. 

Also known as…External Seating, Seats 

Logic Product Example: Plateu Seating 

Featured Project Example:

Integrated Seating/Benches 

What are they?  Integrated seating is benches and seating incorporated into raised planter edging to create a seating space surrounded by plants and flowers.  The difference between seating and benches (backrest/no backrest) follows through into integrated seating, so an integrated seat will have a backrest.  Usually, integrated seating is set into the planters but sometimes the bench or seating element extrude from the planter edge.  In many cases, specifiers include a mix of bench and seats with integrated seating – for example there will be 2m of bench placed adjacent to 1m of seating to give users more choice how they want to sit. 

Where are they used?  Obviously, integrated seating is used in conjunction with raised planter edging.  Due to the increased complexity and therefore cost, integrated seating is more likely to be found on private projects such as retail landscaping rather than public projects such as in a park.  Also, integrated seating is very space efficient which makes them ideal for roof terrace and garden spaces. 

Also known as…Wall Top Seat, Curved Planter Terrace Seat, Curved Terrace Seat, Integrated Planter Seating, Inset Benches 

Logic Product Example: Modal Integrated Seating 

Featured Project Example: Teesside Retail Park, Middlesbrough 

Table and Bench Sets 

What are they? Table and bench sets, also known as picnic sets, provide a versatile outdoor platform for people to use. 

Where are they used? Although they can be used across all landscaping projects, table and bench sets are mainly used in park settings. 

Also known as…Picnic Sets 

Logic Product Example: Linean Table and Bench Set 

Featured Project Example: Urban Science Building, Newcastle University 


What are they? Loungers are essentially a large version of seat with a slanted backrest.  Imagine them as the street furniture equivalent of an armchair.  They can also be incorporated with raised edging as an integrated lounger. 

Where are they used? Loungers are less common than planters and seating on landscaping and street furniture.  However, Logic have installed them on a public realm and a retail park project, see case study links below. 

Also known as…Sun Lounger, Reclined Seat 

Logic Product Example: Monte Lounger 

Featured Project Example: Jackson’s Landing, Hartlepool 

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