The Laundry

Warburton Road, London

With excellent residential amenities, The Laundry is a luxury, 58 apartment development positioned just outside of the city.

ProjectThe Laundry
Location2-18 Warburton Rd, London E8 3AL
ClientRegal London
Landscape ArchitectAnna French Associates Ltd
ContractorRegal London
Project Details Project Intro

Nestled amongst this building’s unique architecture are small pockets of nature.  Along with the landscaped walkways, balcony areas and larger roof terrace spaces, The Laundry boasts:

  •  58 Luxury Private Apartments
  • On-site Gym Spaces
  • Residents’ Cinema
  • Nearby green spaces including Victoria Park.


Architects Perspective…

‘Our vision for the landscape design was to create relaxing amenity spaces that serve as a serene retreat for residents, seamlessly blending with the architectural elegance of the buildings. By integrating lush greenery, and thoughtfully designed recreational areas, we aim to provide a luxurious backdrop that enhances the building’s shapes and views as well as offers a harmonious living environment.’– Alexia Lechat, Senior Landscape Architect

Products Used

Stapel raised planter edging was used across this whole project to house planting and bench elements.   The bench style Modal in both integrated and free-standing configurations provides residents areas to relax, socialise or work.

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