Circle Square


Circle Square is set to be “a place to enable the extraordinary”. Manchester will be on the map once again with the most unique place to eat, drink, shop, work and relax

ProjectCircle Square Plot 2, 3 & 4
ClientJohn Sisk & Son Ltd
Contractor:John Sisk & Son Ltd
Landscape Architect: Planit IE Landscape Architects
Sector: Public Realm
Design / ProductStapel Raise Planter Edge
Fixing SystemVelox Rapid Edge™ system
Design / ProductBespoke Seating
Photography:Scopic Productions
Project Details Project Intro

Once the BBC offices on Oxford Road, this area was acquired in 2015 by Bruntwood and has transformed to be Manchester’s new inner-city neighbourhood. Covering an area of 2.4million sq/ft, it hosts green space, office space, retail & leisure, student and living space.

Fielden Clegg Bradley Studios were the main architects with Planit IE being over the landscape elements.

Featuring the Stapel raised planter edge and custom designed-and-built seating modules, the area benefits from several flexible seating options. UK grown Douglas-fir was the preferred timber choice due to its environmental credentials, and also the table area was designed to be wheelchair friendly. 

Products Used

The client wanted to create an open landscaped area in the heart of Manchester. Logic planters create a living landscape around the outerside of the dual side seating area, using straight Stapel raised planter edge that fall and rise with the surrounding area.

Logic also manufactured bespoke seating and benches

Logic Manufactured Bespoke, Pennine House, Hurricane Court, Stockton-on-Tees, TS18 3TL

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