Goodluck Hope

London Docklands

Goodluck Hope is an award-winning residential development at the southern end of the Leamouth Peninsula, taking design cues from the rich industrial heritage of the area.

ProjectGood Luck Hope
LocationLondon Docklands
ClientBallymore Group
Landscape Architect: Spacehub Design
Main Contractor: Ballymore Group
Sector: Residential
Design / ProductPueblo Seating
Project Details Project Intro

The client wanted the outdoor furniture to reflect the industrial heritage of the project and to boast outstanding environmental credentials.  Therefore, the client expressed their wish to use huge sections of raw timber. They even enquired about using repurposed wooden piles used in jetty and wharf construction.  Unfortunately, these cannot be used as they are very fibrous and can cause splinters.  

Typically, tropical hardwood is the go-to timber for this kind of project. However, due to the required girth of the timber this could not be deemed sustainable for two reasons.  Firstly, tropical hardwood has a growth period of 150+ years and secondly is transported around 6000 miles from central Africa with an unacceptably large carbon footprint.  Therefore, it was decided to use a sustainable UK grown timber, negating both these factors.

Products Used

Pueblo seating was used not only because it complemented the clients design aspirations but also the client needed a product that was highly robust. If a thinner profile timber were used it would quickly decay as the project location is within the tidal section of the River Thames, which means that outdoor furniture is susceptible to saltwater corrosion and decay.

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