North West University of Cambridge

Cambridge, England

North West Cambridge University, otherwise known as the Eddington Development, is a ground-breaking project that paves the way for large-scale mixed-use developments.

ProjectNorth West University of Cambridge
ClientHill Partnerships
Landscape Architect: Townshend Landscape Architects
Working With: Hill Partnerships
Sector: Public Realm, Education, Residential
Design / ProductStapel Raised Planter Edging
Design / ProductUnion Bench Seating
Project Details Project Intro

Featuring underground litter collection systems and the largest water recycling system in the UK, the North West Cambridge University development is more that just a out of town university enclave or sprawling housing development.  The project is built on a foundational ‘best practises’ approach with collaboration between multiple contractors, landscape architects and suppliers of paramount importance.  This has resulted in a sustainable development reducing local housing pressure and while being woven into the collegiate urban fabric of Cambridge.

Our involvement centred on seating along several transport corridors and rooftop planters.  The landscape architect wanted the furniture to feature a champagne colour shade like the accents in the exterior window frames.  This fits in with the overall tan aesthetic that is in harmony with the buff colours of Cambridgeshire fenlands.

Products Used

Planters from the Stapel collection were selected as these can be powder coated in any RAL Colour code specified and are corrosion resistant. This gave us the flexibility to manufacture them in the Champagne shade as specified by the landscape architect. For the seating elements, a modified version of the Union seating collection was used.

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