Accrington War Memorial


The Accrington Town Hall War Memorial is a masterpiece development. The brief was complex, but Logic welcomed the challenge and innovated to help deliver the project goals.

ProjectAccrington Town Hall War Memorial
LocationAccrington, Lancashire
ClientHyndburn Borough Council
Landscape Architect: IBI Group
Main Contractor: NMS Limited
Sector: Public Realm
Design / ProductPlateu Seating
Project Details Project Intro

The project had several purposes, firstly to commemorate the bravery of the Accrington Pals, a Battalion of troops who fought and lost their lives in the Somme battle, 1916.  Also, the client wanted to create a high-grade civic space that could be used for events and would boost economic regeneration in the town centre.

The client desired solid bronze detailing throughout the project which was well above the clients’ budget.  However, the clients’ passion for bronze inspired the R&D team to develop a finish named Bronze Pinto.  This is more than just a paint effect; it is a stainless steel base material with the aesthetic of solid bronze.  This innovation can be seen in the photos on all the bench armrests and associated artwork.  Bronze Pinto can be specified on seating collections using the product configurator.

Products Used

Plateu Seating was used because of the need to overcome the changes in ground level around the project site.  The Plateu style incorporates cross slats as a design feature rather than the standard long slats which meant the height of the benches could be altered to match the undulation of the ground.

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